Gateway Technolabs Finland

About us

Gateway Technolabs Finland is specialized in demanding software development and digitalization services. Today Gateway partners with Solidabis Oy and various Gateway Group of Companies in order to serve its clients thru whole lifecycle of digital solutions.

Suomen Vahvimmat

We started in Finland in 2008 and during ten years we have created a solid existence with long-term customer relationships both with larger and smaller organizations. In Finland we have offices located in Kaarina and Helsinki. In addition, we are supported by our partner with some 700 people development force based in Ahmedabad India and having presence in 18 countries including all Scandinavian countries.

Gateway will take care of your solution during its entire life-cycle. The quality and functionality will be ensured by working in tight co-operation with the right people from your team. We have the competencies to support the processes and we know how to deliver a successful software development project.